23 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 16

So we a hell of a fight up the Cul de Tourmalet. Andy hit Alberto with everything he had. Contador took every shot and didn't budge. When Contador finally attacked, Schleck was ready and answered. He even overtook Alberto and let him know to cut that out. They both had more in the tank and could have attacked for hours without either giving an inch.

Looks like it is down to the Time Trial on Saturday. Let's see if Schleck can pull something from his backside. Otherwise, we are looking at win number 3 for Contador.

In another fit of awesome, Lance Armstrong and Chris Horner finished very high in yesterday's stage. They both have shown incredible form in the Pyrenees, and Lance has the look of a man who would have been on the podium if not for the crash day in the Alps.

Sprinters *should* take the spotlight in Friday's stage, but look out for a head wind splitting the Peleton. It would be mind boggling for all of that amazing work in the mountains to shift because of a split.

Keep watching Versus, they continue to knock their coverage out of the park... now if they would only post the "You vs Second Place" video so I could link it's awesomeness here.

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