13 July 2010


No tour stage Monday, so random thoughts and commentary...
  • WARCon Orks are coming along... I will have a post on how I did the paint scheme once they are finished. I still need to find a metal trash can lid and an Oscar the Grouch figure to complete the over all look
  • Nebraska have lost their minds... I never thought I would see something like the All Red Nation thing come out of Lincoln - it just isn't their style. Guess that's what happens when you get desperate and can't kill a bogeyman.
  • World Cup was fascinating... the play combined with the mess that was "The Decision" makes me want to get into EPL and Champ League that much more. Just have to pick a team... anyone have any ideas?
That's all for today... commentary on Stage 9 will be posted as normal. As always, watch Versus. Phil and Paul are unmatched.

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