18 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 12 & 13

And it has come to this... the Pyrenees. Crazy high mountains... and 4 stages of pure unadulterated hell on the riders. At least 1-2 Cat 1 or Hor Cat in every stage until Thursday.

Is this awesome or what?

In what has turned out to be the most brutal of any Le Tour I've watched, people are dropping like flies. My hopes for Tyler Farrar winning a stage are dashed, as is his finish. The wrist proved more than he could bare, and I can't say I blame the guy. He was a warrior for staying that long, but man... I've said it before, when a pro-cyclist tells you they are in too much pain to go on... I mean WOW.

Schleck v Contador continues to entertain. They will box and match one another throughout the week. I was amazed to watch them almost stand up Sunday, but they are almost racing against each other alone... no one is close enough to over take them or even seriously threaten their lead.

Everyone keeps waiting for Lance to make his statement... not sure when it will come, but I have to agree... the guy is too competitive to let Le Tour slip by without at least one stage to call his own.

More tomorrow...

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