10 July 2010

Le Tour 2010 - Stage 6

Cavendish looks to be truly back to last year's form. He's now at 2 wins so far, but the guy lurking is the tough bastard that is Tyler Farrah. If Garman can get their tactics together, which they will, Tyler will finally get a stage win. He has the legs now, he just needs the lead. Should be fun to watch next week.

For the weekend tho, The Alps loom. Saturday's stage isn't too brutal, we should see a mild sort out, but I doubt it. Likely Spartacus will lose his Yellow... he's too big a guy to climb well.

Looking forward to a weekend of great sports... Le Tour and the World Cup final. A nice taste of greatness after watching LeBron nut punch a city and his own legacy in the same hour. I have no issue with him wanting to win and going to play with his friends. If it makes him happy and that's what he wants ultimately, then good. Go for it. But could you have been less of a douche bag in how you did it? that was like watching someone dump their girlfriend life on TV. It was... rude and dirty.

Anyway... Le Tour continues with the drama. There was a fist fight at the end of stage 6... no joke... a rider took exception to getting elbowed repeatedly. In frustration, he began to hit his tormentor (no joke) with his rear tire. Fists were thrown, and it was broken up. Surprisingly, neither man was kicked off the tour, just fined $200 Euros each. To be fair, two men who are built like skeletons slapping each other can hardly be called a "fight".

Keep watching kids... Versus is doing a hell of a job as usual.

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